Elliott Brood

Hold You(Chords)

Elliott Brood

Key: F

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Capo on 3rd fret

Intro F C G (3x) 

          C              E             F      C   G 
Well I'll hold you in my arms till the wounds subside 
        C               E              F            C      G 
And we call out to the darkness as we pray for the coming light 
   C                   E 
We know now that your coming  
            F               G 
We hear the rattle in your lungs 
   C                      E 
We know now that you'll never 
 F               C   G    C         
Make the coming light of dawn 

(or you can do the intro pattern ending in Am 4 times and the then, the pattern ending in F) 

F     C     G  
hummm hummm humm 
F       C    G    
Oh, I dream about you 
       F    C      G 
In the cold of the night 

   C                E 
We hold out for the moments 
          F                    G 
Though we know they'll never arrive 
C              E 
Held down undercover  
            F               G 
beneath the cold and dirty skies 
   C             E 
We hold on to each other 
     F            C G  C 
For who wants to die alone 

(Solo 1)Am 
same pattern as intro 

F     C     G  
hummm hummm humm 
F   C       G 
Hey we both know 
       F     C     G 
These lines won't move 

   C                 E 
We call now for our lovers 
        F          C     G 
As they lie by the river side 
C                    E 
Chased back to the moment 
        F            C      G 
By the sound of the coming tide 

Solo 2: C, E, F, C, G (2x) 

       C                   E 
We're sure now that she's coming  
             F                C  G     C 
Our written words, they won't die with us 

E, F, C, G 

   C                 E 
We call now for our mothers 
       F          C  G  C 
In the end we all die alone 

Am, G, C
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