Electric Light Orchestra

Mr. blue sky(Chords)

Electric Light Orchestra

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Key: F
Sun is shinin' in the sky, 
               Em7  A   Dm 
There ain't a cloud in sight 
It's stopped rainin' 
      Em          A 
Everybody's in a play 
And don't you know 
                      F        C 
It's a beautiful new day, hey hey 
Runnin' down the avenue, 
See how the sun shines brightly 
In the city on the streets 
Where once was pity, 
Mr. Blue Sky is living here today. 
Dm        F                  Bb 
Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why, 
You had to hide away 
    Gm      F               Eb          Bb 
For so long       where did we go wrong. 
Hey there Mr. Blue 
We're so pleased to be with you 
Look around see what you do, 
Everybody smiles at you. 
Hey you with the pretty face, 
Welcome to the human race 
A celebration Mr. Blue Sky's 
Up there waitin' and today 
Is the day we've waited for 
Mr. Blue you did it right, 
               Em7   A    Dm 
But soon comes Mis - ter Night, 
Creepin' over, now his 
 Em                A 
Hand is on your shoulder, 
       Bb                     Db 
Never mind I'll remember you this  
        Eb              Dm 
I'll remember you this way. 
Dm  F  Bb  F  Gm  F  Eb  Bb 
Dm  F  Bb  F  Gm  F  Eb  Bb  F 
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