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Key: Dm

Dm             Eb 
I think I lost myself out 
     Gm       F 
Somewhere in between 
Dm          Eb 
Finding out who I am 
          Gm               F 
Confusing that with what I dream 
                Dm            Eb 
It feels like everyone's done waiting 
           Gm          F 
So what am I supposed to do? 
          Dm                 Eb 
And I can feel these bridges breaking 
                     F    Gm        F 
And drifting further from you, from you 

Cm  Dm  Eb                Cm  Dm   F 
Oh, oh, oh       let it go ? o ? o 
    Eb    Dm   Eb 
But I     found God 
             Cm      Dm      Eb 
And he said, 'Plans change a lot' 
           Eb    Dm      Eb 
And, so if I can help my life 
     F            Gm                 F 
Then things won't go the way they're going 
                Dm                     Eb 
And I won't lose hope, and I won't lose courage 
                   Gm                 F 
And I will fade to gold, or worse, to shadow 
          Cm          Dm                   Eb 
'Cause if everyone is gone, I don't wanna be here 
              Gm F 
I don't wanna be left alone 

| Dm | Eb |      |      |      | 
| Gm | F  |      |      |      | 
| Dm | Eb |      |      |      | 

(4/4) | Cm Dm | Eb Gm | F |   | Eb | Ebm | 
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