Ed Burleson

Wide Open Spaces(Chords)

Ed Burleson

Key: A
Wide open Spaces  
By, Ed Burleson  
Transcribed by, Tony Williams  
From the CD 'My Perfect World'  
Into (A) (D) (G) (A) (D)  
Verse 1:  
(D) I dream of wide open spaces.  
(G) Far away places  
Where a (D) man can be a (A7) man.  
I (D) dream of lookin' out my window  
(G) Out where the grass grows   
Where no (D) concrete (A7) spoils the (D) land.  
(D7) (G) What are we commin' to?  
(D) What are we gonna do?  
(A7) When all the things that are good are (D) gone.  
(D7 G) Have we all forgotten the   
(D) Things that make life worth livin'?  
(A7) Like Texas, family and (D) home.  
Verse 2:  
(D) I think of all the times I spent  
(G) Sittin' under an oak tree and  
Smellin' the (D) fresh air lord and feelin' the (A7) breeze.  
I think of (D) all the people livin'  
Always (G) takin' never givin'  
With no (D) care for their (A7) brother man or his (D) needs.  
Repeat chorus  
Verse 3:  
(D) Now the hills hold the highways  
(G) Plains fill the skyways  
Seems (D) everything's been touched by mans (A7) progress.  
Yea, (D) progress is what they call it;   
And that's (G) what it is, I guess.  
But, all and (D) all,  it seems to (A7) me just a big ole (D) mess.  
Repeat chorus  

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