Ed Burleson

Girl On The Bay(Chords)

Ed Burleson

Key: D
'Girl on the Bay' 
Written and performed by Ed Burleson 
'Live at The Sons' album 
Contributed by Scott Steinocher 
Intro   (D Dsus4 D Dsus2) 
Well the young cowboy in a(G)small Texas(D)town  
Walkin with his buddies to the(A)rodeo(D)grounds 
When a girl on a horse caught(G)him by(D)surprise 
With her long brown hair and her(A)bright silver(D)eyes 
Well she told him her name and she(G)gave him a(D)grin 
Then she kicked her pony and rode(A)off like the(D)wind 
Well he couldn't take his eyes off as(G)she rode(D)away 
And he had no idea what she(A)started that(D)day 
And it'll be(G)hard livin this(D)way but I(A)know somehow I'll be O(D)K 
What I'm(G)tryin to say is for the(D)rest of my (G)days(G/F#)(Em)  
I'll miss the(D)pretty girl(A)ridin the(D)bay 
A short four years later in an old Chevy truck 
Singin along to Navajo rug 
Holdin hands sittin close both feelin fine 
Yeah ridin along drinkin Wild Island wine 
The time had past and we both felt the same 
So she stood beside me and she took my name  
But it didn't take long before the love was all gone 
So she gave back my name and she broke up our home 
Chorus x 2 
I miss the(D)pretty girl(A)ridin the(D)bay 

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