Ed Burleson

Come On Home(Chords)

Ed Burleson

Key: G
(G)Its been a long time since I?ve seen you(C)smile 
You(D)said you had to get away and you?ve(G)been away awhile 
But you?re comin back home soon you(C)say 
And(D)bringin my heart back here to(G)stay 
Come on(G)home, no need in hesitatin come on(C)home 
I?ll be here a waitin with my(D)arms open wide 
gonna bring you back inside well come on(G)home 
You said you had to get away and that I understood 
But the knowin that comin home sure makes a man feel good 
I understand a woman needs some time to be alone 
But I also know that a woman needs a home 
Chorus x 2 

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