Dwight Yoakam

Second Hand Heart(Chords)

Dwight Yoakam

Key: G
Intro (bass) 

G  -  C 

Guitar main riff 
verse 1 G C G She said when I trusted love I dreamed in color too C G But memories turn out black and white, at least mine do C She said my brother, you know, he used to have this friend G (riff) Awww but this is now and that was then
D Em It?s better off just not to start D Em Than to have to watch us fall apart C D All because my second hand heart
Main riff verse 2 G C G I said if you could count up memories but only keep the best G C G You may not see how good they were without the rest C She said look I tried a lot G But I guess love it don?t like me C Oh and by the way, all those tries G Sure didn?t come for free Chorus Main riff Bridge F G Second hand hearts F G Second hand hearts Am Second hand hearts C Second hand hearts D Are not just for parts verse 3 G C So I?ll take away your sad luck baby G And you?ll change mine G C G When hurt starts talkin? we?ll say hey, ya know, we ain?t got time C G Then pick up all those small hopes back off the ground C G Oh ?cause after years of tears it?s hard to say what?s up or down
D Em So if you will, I?ll try to start D Em And take the chance that we might fall apart C D Awww to try and save our second hand hearts
G G G G G C C C C G G G G G G G G G C C C C Outro G C G C G G G G G C C C G (let chord ring out here) She said when I trusted love I dreamed in color too

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