Dwight Yoakam

Little Ways(Chords)

Dwight Yoakam

Key: B
Intro:     B7 

E You've got your little ways to hurt me B7 You know just how to tear me up E Leave me in small pieces on the ground E You've got your little ways to hurt me B7 They're not to big but they're real tough E One cold look from you can knock me down

Verse 1:

B7 To look at you and me no one would ever know E The pain that I've endured since I won't let it show A My friends would laugh out loud if they only knew B7 E The truth 'bout how I am just your lovesick fool
Repeat Chorus Instrumental Bridge

Verse 2:

B7 The sadness in my eyes should somehow be a clue E No one here would ever suspect sweet little you A There have been rumors of the truth but I've kept it quiet B7 E Cause I'm too ashamed to let them know you make me cry
Repeat Chorus Outro: B7 E Yeah your little ways can knock me to the ground

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