Dwight Yoakam

Down Where The River Bends(Chords)

Dwight Yoakam

Key: A

            A                    D 
Its hard to keep tears out of my eyes 
           A               E  
This might be our last goodbye 
                  A                     D  
Our country calls you to defend a great land 
           A    E           A 
So do your part just like a man 

     A               D 
Down where the river bends 
           A                E 
With god's help we'll meet again 
          A                 D 
Under the same old sycamore tree 
              A    E                    A 
Proud of each other and the land of the free 

I go down to the ocean blue 
Its just as close as I came to you 
This old ocean might keep us apart 
But it won't keep you dear out of my heart 

If the worst should happen and the poppies should wave 
Over your far distant, lonely grave 
All the rest of my life I'll spend in prayer 
I'll meet you in heaven, there'll be no war there 

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