Dwight Yoakam

Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room She Wore Red Dresses(Chords)

Dwight Yoakam

Key: A
                A                              E 
She wore red dresses,  with her black shining hair 
            B                     E 
She had my baby and caused me to care 
                  A                     E 
Then coldly she left me,  to suffer and cry 
                B                          E 
She wore red dresses and told such sweet lies 

E  A  E  B  E 

          A                        E 
I never knew him but he took her away 
                         B                        E 
And on my knees like a madman,  for vengeance I prayed 
                        A                         E 
While the pain and the anger,  destroyed my weak mind 
                 B                            E 
She wore red dresses,  and left the wounded behind 

E  A  E  B  E 

                    A                                 E 
I searched till I found them,  then I cursed at the sight 
                    B                          E 
Of their sleeping shadows,  in the cold neon light 
                      A                                E 
In the dark morning silence,  I placed the gun to her head 
               B                       E 
She wore red dresses, but now she lay dead 

E  A  E  B  E (2x) 

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