Dustin Smith

Never Ending Flood(Chords)

Dustin Smith

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Key: Am
Intro: Am, G, Am, G 

verse 1: 
I am thirsty 
A well that has run dry 
It's a longing 
Only You can satisfy 

PRE Chorus: 
F                              G 
I can feel You rising up in me 
F                         G 
Life within my soul 

Dm C Your love is like the ocean G Deeper than the eye can see Dm C Your grace is like the mighty waves G Crashing over me Dm C Your mercy's overwhelming G Like a never ending flood F C Jesus G Jesus
{Interlude 'Intro'} Am, G (2x) verse 2 Am You're the passion G Flowing deep inside Am Hope is forming G My faith has come alive {Pre-Chorus} {Chorus} {Interlude} F,G {Chorus}
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