Dustin Kensrue


Dustin Kensrue

Key: Em
Em C G D 
Em C AM Em 
Am Em Am Em 
G G7 C Am Em B7 Em Bridge Bm C D Em Bm C D Em Key Change Dm Am Dm D G Final Chorus C C7 F Dm Am E Am You were once a sweet little girl So innocent and pure You eyes were open and sure Anyone could look right in I followed closely your gaze You looked up towards the sky But I watched your face drift away Other things had caught your eye The magazines and media supplied you with their plastic protocol And maybe music television really is the devil after all But all I can say is I knew you before You were beautiful back then Before you grew up, before you gave in You could be beautiful again You dream of sharing your heart Instead you share your bed And your heart beats empty and cold With all the tears that you have shed You dream of baring your soul Instead you bare more skin And you wear dark glasses to keep Anyone from looking in And all you want is to hear the words Dear baby I love you So you hike your skirt higher still Till there eyes are all on you You drive in fast foreign cars The color or your sin And you tint your windows to keep Anyone from looking in

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