The Laughing Woman(Chords)


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Key: C
Intro: C (B) Bb Am 

C           (B) Bb           Am     C 
Laughing woman do you worry about anything? 
C             (B) Bb            Am        C 
Nothing seems to bother you not even your bad knees 
C             (B) Bb               Am             C 
Your husband is concerned with your behavior He?s upset 
C             (B) Bb           Am              C 
He sits by the window with his head inside his hands 

B7 F Em Am Can you stop thinking life?s a joke B7 F Em Am When you know everybody hurts B7 F Em Am Pretending everything?s just fine B7 F Em Am Leaving your dignity behind
Bridge F C G Am Bb F G Maybe the laughing woman?s been right along F C G Am Bb F G Her husband just brings her down But she just rides along Outro C (B) Bb Am x3
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