Drive-By Truckers


Drive-By Truckers

Key: D

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D	G	D 	D	G	D 
Bm	G	D	G	A	D 

Verse 1: 

D	G	D 
She was fresh out of college 
D	G	D 
The first one in her family to go 
Bm		G	D 
and California seemed like heaven, 
G		A		D 
Pulaski, Tennessee was her home 

Repeat Intro 

Verse 2: 

D		G		D 
She worked on losing her southern accent 
D		               G	D 
and turned her back on her Baptist ways 
Bm		G		D 
She bought some clothes that barely 
D			G	 
covered her fair skinned body, 
A			D 
Went to Nashville and caught a plane 
G			D 
Well the clouds rushed beneath her  
Bm			A 
as the LA smog filled the air 
G			D	Bm 
And she smiled when the airlock opened 
G		A		D		 
The Pacific breeze blew through her hair 

Repeat Intro 

Verse 3:
D		G		D 
She thought about the boys from Alabama 
D		G		D 
Who came into town every Friday night 
Bm		G			D 
and drank beer out of big glass quart bottles 
G		A		D 
and left their trail of blood and tears behind 
G				D 
She thought the men in California would be different 
Bm			A 
She'd grown up watching them on her TV 
G			D	Bm 
But the men she came to know in California 
G		A		D 
Left her longing for Pulaski, Tennessee 

Repeat Intro 


Bm				A 
Good ideas always start with a full glass 
G		D			A 
and just breathing here can make a girl's nose bleed 
G		D			Bm 
Dreams here live and die just like a stray dog on a  
G		A		D 
dirt road somewhere in Tennessee 

Verse 4: 

D	G		D 
The storefronts all filled up with eyeballs 
D	G		D 
As the policemen clear out the street 
Bm		                 G		D 
For a line of cars with their headlights burning 
G		       A		       D 
Driving slow through Pulaski, Tennessee  

Repeat Intro 
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