Doug Stone

Little Houses(Chords)

Doug Stone

Key: C

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Capo on 2nd fret
	        Little Houses  by  Doug Stone  nd Fret  Intro: C F G C F G 
C                                          Dm 
Little white house, in the heart of town 
        G7                                   C                            F 
On a little sad street, just a little run down 
C                                 Dm 
Became a home, for Bill and Sue 
       G7                                                       C 
Two newlyweds, who did the best, that they could do 
F                                                       Em 
And when they brush each other, passin' in the hall 
F                                                  G 
Sue would smile and say 'this place is pretty small' 

C But you know, Love grows best in, Little houses With few walls to separate, where ya F Eat and sleep so close together G7 You can't help but communicate C Oh, and if we had more room between us F Think of all we'd miss Dm G C F G Love grows best, in houses just like this
Before too long, Sue and Bill Were makin' plans, for Jack and Jill Oh happy Day, when the *news, came in But what to do, they found out Sue was having twins When they could not pass each other in the hall Well, Sue would smile and say 'this place is really, really small' Chorus F C That little white frame house still keeps them warm F G Though it's been 32 years, since the kids were born F C F And when they look back now, they hold each other tight Dm G And whisper in each other's ears, you know you were right Chorus Dm G C F G C Yeah, Love grows best in houses just like this Transcribed by Gerry Watkins

Written by Mickey Cates/Skip Ewing

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