Dominick Butler

Christ Be Lifted High(Chords)

Dominick Butler

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Key: G
Intro: G Cadd9 G/B D 


G                   Cadd9                        G 
Jesus the greatest revelation, Exceeds all expectation 
You alone are king 
G/B                 Cadd9                      G       
Jesus the Author of Salvation, God?s manifestation 
Of truth, love, and grace 


Em7             D/F#          Am           G/B  D 
Your love was guaranteed, by every step to Calvary 

Cadd9 G Your ever true to Your promises Em7 D The price was nailed through Your hands Cadd9 D Em7 Christ be lifted high Cadd9 G The grave could not contain Your love Em7 D Your Kingdom reigns high above Cadd9 D Em7 Christ be lifted high Em7 D/F# G As the eternal love of my life
Verse G Cadd9 Jesus the only name that saved me G D The only grace that made me completely pure and clean G/B Cadd9 Jesus the all-sufficient Savior G D Destroyed my sinful nature with His Great Love for me Bridge G D/F# Oh Christ be magnified oh Lord be glorified Am7 Dsus D Forever lifted high above all names
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