Dirty Heads

Warming Sun(Chords)

Dirty Heads

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Key: C
C G (x3) Am F 
C G (x3) Am F 

(verse 1) 
C                               G                   C 
Picking up slack, you live for it lady 
You never have a good time and go 
C                           G                   Am 
Takin' it back, you try for it daily 
You only like that old rock 'n roll 
       C                                    G                      C 
You wait for the night you're rockin' it steady 
You can't stop and f**k up your flow 
You fight from the fix 
      G                            Am 
The weight of it's heavy 
You feel like you'll never let go 

And over, and over 
       F                        C    G 
And over, and over again 

Oh yeah 
Over, and over 
       F                        C 
And over, and over again 

C Am Look to the warming sun F G We left the troubles all around the town C Am You know we didn't hurt no one F G We lit the sky up and we burned it down
C G Am F (3x) (verse 2) C G C Slippin' in time, we move with it only G We didn't know the night went so fast C We broke all our bones G Am The city, it owed we F We never let it live in the past C G C We live in the light, we wake with it slowly G Learn to love, the one thing that lasts C When daybreak came on G Am Knew it was one thing it showed me F That there was nothing left in our path Pre-Chorus
C Am F G Oh-oh-oh, 'round and 'round we go C Am F G Oh-oh-oh, now we reapin' what we sowed C Am F G Oh-oh-oh, 'round and 'round we go F G And Ooo
Chorusx4 End on C
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