Dion And The Belmonts

No One Knows(Chords)

Dion And The Belmonts

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Key: A
Intro: A A7 D 

D                      A 
No one knows what I go through, and the tears  
I cry for you. 
           F#m  F#       G           Ab   A 
And when I smile....it's just a pose......my  
                       G  A   D 
heart is breaking, but no one knows. 

D                                  A 
Friends won't learn the truth from me..I don't  
want their sympa..thy. 
          F#m      G                 A 
You go to parties, dances and shows..I still  
              G  A   D 
love you, but no one knows. 


G         Am   A   D         Bm     Em 
Maybe somehow, sometime, somewhere..you'll walk  
A      D       D7 
by and hear my prayer. 
G        A         D     Bm   E               E7 
My loneliness will fade away..darling, please tell  
          A   G A 
me you'll stay. 

    D                     A 
But if you should pass me by..I'll be hurt but I  
won't cry. 
    F#                 G                  A 
And though my love for you still grows..I feel  
               G  A   D 
it's better if no one knows. 

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