Dick Farney

It Could Happen To You(Chords)

Dick Farney

Key: D

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 D          D6       Gdim 
Hide your heart from sight, 
Em7       Edim      Gdim 
Lock your dreams at night 
D        G         B7 
It could happen to you 
G            Em7     A7          D7M 
Don't count stars or you might stumble 
Bm7         B7                 Em7      A7     Em7/9  A7 
Someone drops a sigh, and down you  tumble 
D        D6     Gdim 
Keep an eye on spring 
Em7       Edim       Gdim 
Run when church bells ring  
D        G         B7 
It could happen to you 
G   G/F#  Em         G/B        D          F#m        B7 
All  I  did was wonder how your arms would be 
G   Em  A7     A7/13  D 
And it happened to  me

Written by Johnny Burke and Jimmy Van Heusen

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