Devon Werkheiser


Devon Werkheiser

Key: E

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Handing home but not for a long 
Another day, another song 
I'm a traveling man 
And I'm traveling on 
Good times come 
And good times go 
On the road I never know 
Just where I am 
Or where are we 
F#7      A              
As the cosmic 
As my I thing of you 
When I see the sun's I know 
This is Geogia, this is home 
E 141 A Is a million miles away F#7 Somewhere down the line A I'll be coming back to stay E 141 A My bags are packed again F#7 Don't matter what I do A I wonder leaving in the end
E Every greens the road invite All the window clear blue sky A I passed true E Then I'm traveling on Smell my kitchen Fell my bad I know it's only in my head A Is the road I chose E And it's better sweat F#7 A E Everywhere I go I thing of you F#7 As the time it passed by A I can see you in my mind *Repete o Refrão. F#m A E All I know F#m A E All I know A E F#7 A All I know *Repete o Refrão. by:ClarisseSouzaXD

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