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Maker Of Heaven(Chords)

Desperation band

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Key: G
Capo on 4th fret
 or play in A and  

Intro: G  Em  G/B  D 

Verse 1: 
G	       Em 
Keep my heart amazed 
G/B		C 
Let me see Your wonders every day 
G	         Em 
Teach me in Your ways 
G/B           C 
So that I may fear 

   Em      D/F# 
   You are walking on water 
   G/B	   D/F# 
   You are calling me after 
   Em      D/F#               C 
   You are standing beside me now 

	G           Em 
	You are the maker of heaven 
	G/B           C 
	You turned my world around 
	G             Em 
	You?re making all things new again 
	G/B              C 
	Through it all I know, You are God alone 

Verse 2: 
G               Em 
Set my heart on fire 
G/B              C 
Let me burn with passion for Your name 
G            Em 
Take over my life 
G/B         C 
I surrender now 

   Em          G           Em          C 
   Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, You are God alone 
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