Desperation band

I'm Coming Your Way(Chords)

Desperation band

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Key: E
Verse 1: 
E     E/D#           A                       E 
   If all we have is love then all I have is You 
E     E/D#            A                    B 
   if life is what we choose; my choice is You 

Chorus 1: 
E                  E/D# 
   I'm coming Your way... 
   I'm coming Your way.... 
   I'm coming Your way..... 

Verse 2: 
If all we do is try; I?m giving You all mine 
if faith helps us to decide; I have decided 

C#m                E/G# 
    with all of my breath 
with this heart in my chest 
every look in my eye 
                A      Am 
You'll know why... 
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