Delbert McClinton

Blues As Blues Can Get(Chords)

Delbert McClinton

Key: Em

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Em D C D Em D C D 

Em                  G7  
Gonna sit right down in my easy chair 

Cmaj7                     Am/F#          B7 
Pull out a deck of cards, play some solitaire 

Em                G7  
Break out a bottle, wash me a glass 

Cmaj7               B7sus4           B7 
To keep me company 'til the feelings pass 

C G/B Am G/B Everybody needs something to do C G/B Am D G Me, I'll just sit here and think about you C G/B Am B7 It might seem hopeless, but it ain't that bad yet Am/F# B7 Em (to intro chords) It's just the blues as blues can get...
verse 2: I need to call somebody, someone I can trust I need the number for lovers' anonymous I'll tell 'em my story, hope they understand Maybe they can explain it to me'cause I don't think I can Chorus I'll take your picture down from my wall Try to remember the thrill of it all I know it's over, but it ain't over yet It's just the blues as blues can get... Interlude: Em D C D Em D C B7 Chorus: Why fight the feeling when I can't fight back the tears I stare at the ceiling and wish that you were here I'm going crazy, but I ain't crazy yet It's just the blues as blues can get... Outro (repeat to fade): Em D C D

Written by Fred Knobloch/Tim Krekel

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