Dean Martin

What's New(Chords)

Dean Martin

Key: C

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Introdução: G6 F6 Am7 Dm6 C6 G7 C6 

G7/13-  C7M/9   
What's new           
Eb7                       Ab7M 
How is the world treating you 
Em/Ab       G7/13-    Cm6 Dm5-/7 
You haven't changed a bit 
            G7/13- C7M/9 Am7  Dm7/9 G7 
Lovely as ever,I   must admit 
Abdim   C7M/9  
What's new        
Eb7                       Ab7M 
How did that romance come through 
Em/Ab      G71/3-    Cm6 Dm5-/7  
We haven't met since then                 
              G7/13-      C7M/9     Am7 D4/7  
Gee, but it's nice to see you again 
C7/13-  F7M/9  
What's new     
Ab7                 Db7M  
Probably I'm boring you 
C7                 Fm Fm7+ 
But seeing you is grand 
Bbm            C7      F7M/9            
And you were sweet to offer your hand 
Dm7       G7 
I understand 
G7 C7M/9  
Eb7                       Ab7M 
Pardon me asking, 'What's new' 
Em/Ab      G71/3-        Cm  Fm 
Of course, you couldn't know 
            G7        C7M/9      Am7  Dm7 G7               
I haven't changed  I still love you so 
  G7        C7M/9    F#dim  
I still love you so               
Cm Ab7  F D7 Db7M C6               
What's new

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