Dean Martin

What A Difference A Day Makes(Chords)

Dean Martin

Key: D

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	        Tacit               Em7        G/B  A7 
What a difference a day made 
Em7    G/B  A7/13-   D6   B7 
Twenty-four little    hours 
               Bm5-/7     Em7       G/B A7 
Brought the sun and the flowers 
            A7/13- Fdim    D 
Where there used  to be rain 
            D6   C#m7         F#7 
My yesterday was blue, dear 
           C#m5-/7 F#7  Bm         Bm7/E 
Today I'm a part   of  you dear 
           B7   Bm5-/7  E7            Bm5-/7 E7 
My lonely nights are through, dear 
Bm5-/7     Em7  Fdim      A7   Fdim A7 
Since you said you were mine 
Tacit                   Em7        G/B  A7 
Lord, what a dif'rence a day made 
 Em7       G/B  A7/13-    D6     B7 
There's a rainbow    before me 
               Bm5-/7    Em7      G/B A7 
Skies above    can't be stormy 
           A7/13-  Fdim  A7    Am7                D7 
Since that moment of bliss,     that thrilling kiss 
     Am7         G7M Gm7         Gdim          D      D6  B7 
It's Heaven when you    find romance on your menu 
      Bm5-/7         Em7         G/B A7 
What a dif'rence a day made  
Edim    A7          Gdim D 
And the dif'rence is you

Written by Maria Grever and Stanley Adams

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