Dean Martin

Welcome To My World(Chords)

Dean Martin

Key: G

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  G             C     D7               G                    
Welcome to my world. Won't you come on in ? 

   G         C       D7                    G                                   
Miracles, I guess,  still happen now and then. 

 G            C     D7                     G                                        
Step into my heart  and leave your cares behind 

  G            C       D7                 G                         
Welcome to my world   filled with you in mind. 

 D7                      G      D7                G               
Knock and the door will open.  Seek and you will find. 

 D7                 G       A7                  D  D# 
Ask and you'll be given the key to this world of mine. 

 D#        A#m      D#            G# 
I'll be waiting here    with my arms unfurled, 

  G#             A#m       D#           G#                       
Waiting just for you;    Welcome to my world.

Written by John Hathcock/Johnny Hathcock/Ray Winkler/Re Winkler

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