Dean Martin

Memories are made of this(Chords)

Dean Martin

Key: E

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     Intro                     E   B   A   F# 
E B (The sweet, sweet memories you've given me E B You can't beat the memories you've given me) E B A Take one fresh and tender kiss, Add one stolen night of bliss, A E B E One girl; one boy; some grief; some joy: E B E Memories are made of this. E B A E Don't forget a small moonbeam. Fold it lightly with a dream. A E Your lips and mine, B E Two sips of wine: E B E Memories are made of this. A Then add the wedding bells; E One house where lovers dwell; B E Three little kids for the flavor. A Stir carefully through the days ~ E See how the flavor stays. F# B These are the dreams you will savor.
E B A E With His blessings from above, E B A E Serve it generously with love. A E One man, one wife, B E One love, through life: E B E A E Memories are made of this. (X2)

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