Dean Martin


Dean Martin

Key: G

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G/B  Am7 Cdim  G6        D6 D9 G6 
A   small cafe,    Mam'selle 
G/B Am7  Cdim G7M          C9 Bm7 
Our rendezvous    Mam'selle 
   Fdim   Am7       D7       Am7 
The violins    were warm and sweet 
    D9     G7M         F7M  F#7 G 
And so were you, Mam'selle 
 G/B Am7 D7/9- G6          D6 D9 G6 
And as the night danced by 
G/B Am7 Cdim   C9 
A   kiss became    a sigh 
     F        Bm7 G/B      Em               Am       Cm7 
Your lovely eyes seemed to sparkle just like wine does 
    Bm7 G/B      Em         B7/13-   Em7      A7    D4/7  Fdim D7 
No heart ever yearned the way that mine does   for you 
G/B Am7 Cdim G6      D6 D9 G6 
And yet  I  know too well 
G/B  A7  Cdim   G6       C9    Bm7 
Some day you'll say goodbye 
    Gdim   Am7       D7 
Then violins    will cry 
   Am7     Cdim      G    G/B Am7 Am7 Cdim G6 
And so will I,  Mam'selle

Written by Mack Gordon and Edmund Goulding

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