Dean Martin

Makin Love Ukulele Style(Chords)

Dean Martin

Key: G

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verse 1 
G                 C 
Making love, uku--lele style, you don't 
D              G 
need to be in  Waikiki. 
G                 C 
Making love, uku--lele style, to a 
D                    G 
lovely ukulele sere--nade 

verse 2 
G                  C 
When you love uku--lele style, with 
D                G 
every note your  heart will float. 
G               C 
Far away, to a  tropic isle, where a 
D                       G 
ukulele tune is softly  played 

            C                 G 
Strolling a-long beneath the  starlight. 
           C                  G 
Dreaming a lover's dream for  two. 
              C                 B7 
Soon you will see her eyes are  starbright, 
       E7       A7           D7 
as the ukulele  magic comes  through. 

verse 4 
G                   C 
Now if you want to  satisfy. The 
D                      G 
one that you love all  else above, 
G                  C 
Take a tip and be  sure to try, thy 
D                        G 
ukulele style of making  love

Written by Charles Hayes/Paul Weirick

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