Dean Martin


Dean Martin

Key: C

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C    Em   Cdim    F      Dm7    Fdim 
Gigi,   am  I  a fool without a mind 
    G7    F      Dm7       G/B     Fdim  G7 
Or have I merely been too blind to realise 
Dm7 G7     Fdim                F      Dm7   G/B  Cdim  C 
Oh, Gigi,   why you've been growing up before my eyes  
E    C#m7              A    
Gigi,    you're not at all that funny 
Cdim     B7    F#m  Fdim      B7 
Awkward little girl     I    knew 
D7  G Em  D7/9      C            C/B  
Oh no     overnight    there's  been  
     D9  Edim   G   Em Edim G7 
A breathless  change    in you  
          C    Em       Cdim       F        Dm7      Fdim 
Oh, Gigi,    while you were trembling on the brink   
    G7    F        Dm7          G/B       Fdim      G7 
Was I out yonder somewhere blinking at a star 
Dm7  G7     Dm7                 A    Bm5-/7     A 
Oh, Gigi,  have I been standing  up  too close 
   Edim     Dm    Dm7+ Dm7  Dm6 
Or back too far 
     E7        F      Dm7     Fdim   G7 
When did your sparkle turn to fire  
Dm7      Fdim         G7           C 
And your warmth become desire  
Dm7 Fdim  C        Em7     Dm7          G7       C 
Oh, what miracle has made you the way you are

Written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe

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