Dean Martin

Carolina Moon(Chords)

Dean Martin

Key: G

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Introdução: A7 Gdim Am7 D7   

G      G7      C    Cm6 
Carolina moon, keep shining 
G          D7         G   Am7     D7 
Shining on the one who waits for me 
G      G7     C    Cm6 
Carolina moon, I'm pining 
G          D7          G 
Pining for the place I long to be 
How I'm hoping tonight you'll go 
G           E7 
Go to the right window 
A7             Gdim 
Scatter your light 
             Am7   D7    D7/13- 
Say I'm all right, please do 
G             G7     C     Cm6 
Tell her that I'm blue and lonely 
G   G/F#   A7 D7  G  Gdim D7    
Dreamy Carolina moon

Written by Benny Davis and Joe Burke

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