Dean Martin

Canadian Sunset(Chords)

Dean Martin

Key: E

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Introdução: E 

E6      E 
Once I was alone, so lonely and then 
A               Am7               E6    E            B7 
You came out of nowhere, like the sun up from the hills 
E6    E 
Cold, cold was the wind; warm, warm were your lips 
A                 Am7                  E6    E 
Out there on that ski trail where your kiss filled me with thrills 
A            B7      E 
A weekend in Canada,   a change of scene 
A        B7               E 
Was the most I bargained for 
A           B7             E            C#m 
And then I discovered you,  and in your eyes 
   G#m    C#m5-/7   F#m            B7 
I found a love that I couldn't ignore 
E6        E       
Down, down went the sun; fast, fast beat my heart 
A               Am7                E6   E          B7     E 
I knew when the sun set, from that day we'd never, ever part

Written by Norman Gimbel and Eddie Heywood

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