Dean Martin

Arrivederci Roma(Chords)

Dean Martin

Key: G

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          G           Cm     G                                      B7              C E7 Am 
Arr   ive   der   ci  Ro ma , Goodbye goodbye to Rome. 
                 D7                     D9         D7                        D9      D7 D9 D7 
City of a million moonlit places, city of a million warm embraces. 
D7                                       D9          D7                         G Ddim7 Am7 D7 
Where I found the one of all the faces, far from home. 
          G        Cm        G                               B7             C-E7-Am 
Arr   ive   der   ci  Ro ma, it's time for us to part. 
                            D7               D9   D7 D9 D7 
Save the wedding bells for my returning ,  
                             D7               D9      D7  D9 D7 
Keep my lover?s arms outstretched and yearning. 
                                     D7    D9      D7 D9   D7                             G Am7 D7 
Please be sure the flame of love keeps burning in her heart. 

And finish with     G   F9 G 


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