David Bowie

God Bless The Girl(Chords)

David Bowie

Key: C

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C                      C#                             D#   (D#sus4 D# D#sus4) 
Jackie loves her work, and her work is love for there is no other 
She says 'God has given me a job', Jackie loves her work, there is no other 
Jackie's aiming for the stars but landed on the clouds, there is no other 
Sitting in her corner too afraid to run away, like a slave without chains 

Bbm F# G# The wonder turns to danger, spring turns to winter, God bless the girl But I will treasure treasure every single moment, God bless the girl Fire turns to water, light becomes darkness, God bless the girl And I don't wanna hurt you, just wanna have some fun, God bless the girl
Repeat verse and Chorus

Written by David Bowie

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