David Allan Coe

Jody Like A Melody(Chords)

David Allan Coe

Key: G

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	        This is a version I conceived to my own devices, seeing as I couldn't find any  
other source for this song. This is just first part and Chorus, but its the same  
pattern the whole song. I hope this is decent enough.lol 

G          Cadd9       C                            Em               D 
Jody like a melody you play inside my head till the thought of you is more  
than I can stand.  

G                Cadd9         C                            Em      
Just to think of having you is music to my soul you make me feel as though  
   D              C 
the world is in my hands. 

        G           Cadd9      C            Em              D 
Chorus: Jody like a melody you warm me than leave me with a chill. 

I can't believe the sun will rise without me looking in your eyes and knowing that  
your love has made me strong.  
Why you left I'll never know the fire you bult will always glow I know I only woke  
to find you gone. 


Jody I can't keep my thoughts about me in the daytime when your memory is enough to make me blind. 
And late at night I lie awake and wait for you to come and when you don't you know  
I almost lose my mind. 

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