Dave Days

What Does It Take(Chords)

Dave Days

Key: D

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verse 1 
I woke up (woke up) in the middle of the night 
Out of luck (out of luck) with this girl on my mind 
She got away, now I'm trying to explain how 
I fell in love (I fell in love), that's what I like to call it 
But not enough (but not enough), it's like I never saw it 
Drifting away, I am finding words to say . . . 
		 D     G 
But it all goes whoa, whoa! 
 D	A 
Whoa, whoa! 

Bm G D A What does it take to get you if I never met you? Bm G D A I wouldn't have ran across the country like I'm out of my mind Bm G D A What does it take to hold you when I'm here without you? Bm G D A I don't know where to start, I gotta find you and your heart... D (before it falls apart)
verse 2 D I stayed up (stayed up) in the dead of the night I made plans (made plans) if they turn out right G You'll close your eyes and think about the times when (think about it) D We fell in love (we fell in love) but didn't try to say it Knew what it was (knew what it was) the moment that we played it G We all lose sometimes, I can't get her off my mind D G Whoa, whoa! D A I'm finding words to say, but it all goes D G Whoa, whoa! D A Whoa, whoa! bridge D What does it take to make it real? The world still spins and I'm still feelin' G Your hand right next to mine A I play it back a thousand times D I wish I took a photograph For every moment that we laughed G I'm hung up and can't relax A Because she's so far away

Written by Dave Days

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