Danny Wooten

Country Boy(Chords)

Danny Wooten

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Key: B

Verse 1:

B People say I'm crazy livin' A out wher no one goes B Livin' life on God's green earth A Is all I really know B And I wouldn't trade a lick A of this for California Gold B They say that I'm a good ol' boy A at least that's what I'm told
B A Southern grace, Southern charm E B Work all day out on the farm B A Heardin' cattle, sloppin hogs, E B Pushin' hay and stackin' logs B A Feels so right it can't be wrong E B Do it all at the break of dawn E F# (STOP) It's all by the grace of God B A E B Well. I'm a country boy B A E B Country Boy

Verse 2:

B It's not about just workin' hard A Cuz a country boy will play B We like to do it differnt now A But in a Southern way B I like to throw a few beers back A And hang out with the boys B Country band with a steel guitar A And now were makin' noise
B A John boat at the fishin' hole E B Giggin' frogs with a 10 foot pole B A 3 foot tires on a Chevy truck E B Spit my chew in a Dixie cup B A Coppenhagen, Ring of Fire E B Whiskey bottle out on the wire E F# (STOP) They said I made a lot of noise B A E B Well I'm a country boy B A E B Country Boy!
Solo B A E B x4

Verse 3:

B A Why dont you gather up some wood B Old tires and fat lighter A The Natural Light's on ice B A And we got wild boar and swamp cabbage Tell all your rowdy friends B A (STOP) Southern Slang is here It's about to get real
B A Headlights when the sun goes down E B Cowgirls dancin' all night long B A Body shott at the Honkey Tonk E B Shake your tailgate all night long B A Playin guitar with the band E B Hell's broke loose in Dixieland E F# (STOP) They said i got a Southern voice B A E B Well I'm a country boy B A E B Country Boy
Outro B A E B x4
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