Daniel Nascimento

It's Time To Be(Chords)

Daniel Nascimento

Key: D

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	        E4 E     A7M     E/G# 
When I saw your face 
 E            F#              Bm 
You came to me with this truth 
     Bm/A      E4              E 
Held my hand, and told me like this 
       A7M     E/G#      E                F#           Bm 
I believe in your heart, there are lots of things to say 
       Bm/A  E4         E         A7M 
And I know, your love makes me free 
            A7M     E/G#    E          F#           Bm 
And your grace, for me is like a bird on the blue sky 
        Bm/A      E4  E      A7M         E/G# 
In your eyes, I wanna stay, sometimes I feel 
G             F#             Bm          Bm/A 
Touching your hand, I can bring all my life 
E4  E             Em6 A7(9) A7 
I want see you again 
D7M          D      A          F#m 
It's time to be together with me 
Bm      E        Em  A7(9) A7 
I wanna see you again 
D7M            Dm6      A   F#m7 
You know is true, I'm loving you 
Bm         E         A 
And I'll be here forever 
E4 E     A7M       E/G# 
When I felt your heart  
G        F#           Bm 
What I could be was there 
Bm/A        E4  E 
Somewhere, It was my smile 
          A7M        E/G# 
All the time what I spent 
    G     F#             Bm 
To show how you make me grey 
Bm/A      E4  E           Em 
Someday my love, your love 
                A7(9) A7 
It'll be the same

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