Daniel Kemish

The Name Of The Game(Chords)

Daniel Kemish

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Key: D
Capo on 2nd fret

C Em F G   

I been bumming around, been wasting my time,  
sometimes my life it goes out of line, 
F                                   G 
the only thing that?s got me now is time. 

Cause I?ve been playing some songs to a room full of drones, 
not a single one caring and I?m hearing the moans 
and its just the same old s**t! How much they owe one their loans 

but they'll spark up a fag, and drink down 6 pints 
and they'll get real loud and they'll try pick a fight 
and its pistols till dawn or until it gets light 

Am so im trying to get out, and ill search for that fame F but i wont sell out, just give me my name C ill write my own songs that come from my brain G and to sing them out loud its the name of my game
Verse: my life rolls on from night to night not caring about sleeping or if i might the only thing i know, is how not to fight ive been on the road for 6 years now, playing in the bars where they're playing cards. and where the football shows on every screen like the stars sometimes its hot and sometimes its not sometimes its wet, and im soaked to the bone, and sometimes i long to be tucked up warm, at home Chorus Verse: but the tv's killed the way we think, the talent shows with their cover shit every sheep sings the same damn fucking songs, the way we laugh, the way we sing, the way no one gets up to do their own thing just turn up today and you'll be a star in the spring cause ill play my own songs and ill right my own lines and ill live my mistakes and ill ride on the highs and ill remember the lows, but i wont go there any time .... soon and then Chorus to finnish
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