Obsessive Muso With No Friends(Chords)


Key: Bm
Bm   D A 
Em   D A 

Bm               D           A 
One more night alone in my room 
Em                     D             A 
Listening to music I think makes me cool 
          Bm                     D           A 
It's not cool being lonely, not cool being cold 
    Em                        D              A 
Not cool being someone you wouldn't want to know 

Now my room stinks like shit 
           D           A 
I've been in here too long 
   Em                          D      A 
Dwelling on lines in other people's songs 

Saying, 'Yes, this is me 
       D             A 
Your lyrics break through' 
   Em                    D             A 
But I don't deserve the lines I relate to 

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