Courtney Barnett

History Eraser(Chords)

Courtney Barnett

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Key: A
Intro  A           C  

verse 1 

A           C 
I got drunk and fell asleep 
A           C 
Atop the sheets but luckily 
A           C 
I left the heater on 


A           C 
And in my dreams I wrote the best 
A           C 
Song that I've ever written 
A           C 
Can?t remember how it goes 
D           C 

A           C 
I stayed drunk and fell awake 
A           C 
I was cycling on a plane 
A           C                D            C 
And far away I heard you say you liked me 

A             C 
We drifted to a party, cool 
A             C 
The people went to arty school 
A             C              D           C 
They made their paints by mixing acid wash and lemonade 

A (Allow to sustain) In my brain I re-arrange The letters on the page To spell your name
verse 2 A C I found an Ezra Pound A C And made a bet that if I found A C D C A cigarette, I'd drop it all and marry you A C Just then a song comes on: A C 'You can't always get what you want' A C D C The Rolling Stones, oh woe is we, the irony A C The stones became the moss A C And once all inhibition's lost A C D C The hipsters made a mission to the farm A C We drove by tractor there A C The yellow straw replaced our hair A C D C We laced the dairy river with the cream of sweet vermouth
A C In my brain A C I re-arrange A C The letters on the page D C To spell your name
verse 3 A C You said, 'We only live once' A C So we touched a little tongue A C And instantly I wanted to D C A C I lost my train of thought A C And jumped aboard the Epping as A C The doors were slowly closing on the world D C A C I touched on and off A C And rubbed my arm up against yours A C And still the inspector inspected me D C A C The lady in the roof A C Was living proof that nothing A C Really ever is exactly as it seems Chorus verse 4 A C We caught the river boat downstream A C And ended up beside a team A C Of angry footballers D C A C I fed the ducks some krill A C Then we were sucked against our will A C Into the welcome doors of the casino D C A C We drank green margaritas A C Danced with sweet seņoritas A C And we all went home as winners of a kind D C A Allow to sustain You said 'I guarantee we'll have more fun Drink till the moon becomes the sun D C And in the taxi home I'll sing you a Triffids song' Chorus Outro A Until fade out
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