Confederate Railroad

Still One Outlaw Left(Chords)

Confederate Railroad

Key: D#
D  C  G  D  C  G 
You say you don't like my kind, don't drink moonshine 
                C      G 
Homegrown ain't your thing 
Never been to a roadhouse knockdown drag-out 
                  C     G 
Raised a little country cane 
You think it a crime to live my life the way my daddy did 
           D              C 
But if you come around to burn us down 
         B                    G 
When the smoke clears you can bet 
         C        G   C  G   D  
There'll still be one outlaw left 
G F D I got kinfolks from Kentucky to sweet home Alabam' G F D I get loud and rowdy, that's all you need to know about who I am Bb C G I'm just a reckless renegade doin' what I do best C G C G D And there's still one outlaw left
I've stared down a sawed-off, mister call your dogs off Actin' like Billy the kid I rode a hog in the hard rain tryin' to catch a fast train Dogs couldn't catch me but the devil sure did I got me a wild side just about a mile wide, son of a shotgun shack And then boys like me are a dyin' breed but until my last breath There'll be still one outlaw left Bridge: D You say you don't like Skynyrd, you don't like Haggard D C Don't give a damn about Hank D You don't like Willie, well this hillbilly D Don't care about what you think Solo Chorus So if you come around to cut me down Best make damn sure that I'm dead 'Cause there's still one outlaw left

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