Con Hunley

Whats New With You(Chords)

Con Hunley

Key: C
'What's New With You' from the album 'Don't It Break Your Heart' I think 
written by Charles Quillen & Dean Dillon. 
Play with a slow 4/4 country beat. 
On the 3rd line of the chorus just walk the base note down to Aminor. 
Randy Hancock 
What's New with You 
C    Em  Ebm  Dm  G7  C  Em  Dm  C 
C                                 C7     F 
Well hello, how've you been? 
You're a sight to see. 
Yeah I've still got that old job 
                     G       G7 
Down at the factory. 
        C                C7 
Well no, I never married. 
                       F                    Dm 
But I've come close a time or two. 
     C                   Em  Ebm  Dm  G7 
So tell me honey. 
What's new with you? 
        C                F 
What's new with you? 
Oh it's been such a long, long time. 
            C  (Bbase)  Am 
Are you happy with him? 
                Dm                G  G7 
Do I ever cross your mind? 
      C                       C7 
It's still the same old story. 
      F                     Dm 
I'm so in love with you. 
     C                  Em Ebm Dm  G7 
So tell me honey. 
            G7          C     Em Dm C 
What's new with you? 
(repeat intro) 
Well the years haven't changed you. 
You're still lookin' good. 
No the years haven't changed me. 
Like I'd hoped they would. 
And it looks like, looking back is all 
That I look forward to. 
So tell me honey. 
What's new with you? 
'Repeat chorus' 
'Repeat last 4 lines' 

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