Cody Johnson

Half A Song(Chords)

Cody Johnson

Key: D
D  Bm   D  Bm 

The band was startin' Slowhand 
About the time you walked in  

I could see it in your eyes  
You were heart broke and needin' a friend  

G The singer started singin' D Bm As I let you have my barstool Em A And before that first Chorus was through G You were already smilin' Em I said no use in tryin' D Bm Open up a tab, oh girl I'm gladly buyin' G Ain't it funny thinkin' D Em Bm You were thinkin' you be drinkin' alone G A Baby ain't it crazy what can happen D Bm In half a song
Verse: D The second verse started Bm I asked you if you'd like to dance D When you said no Bm I figured well there goes my chance
G But the singer kept on singin' D Bm And before he hit that Chorus again Em A I felt you grab my hand, G Then we bee-lined to the floor Em Like we'd done this before, D Holdin' onto you one, two, three four. Bm Spinnin' and a gettin' in a rhythm, Em Girl it didn't take long G A Baby ain't it crazy what can happen G Em In half a sooooooong
Instrumental/Solo: D D G D Em Verse: D That song ended, Bm We said we've only got one more, D Now we're half way through it Bm And we're still out here on the floor
G Wonder what you're thinkin' D Bm 'Cause I think I'd like to drive you home, Em A But I know that's probably never gonna happen, Bm E I'll just settle for your number on a napkin Em A Then again you never know what could happen D Bm In half a song, D In half a song

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