Cloud District

You Will Never Be A Samurai(Chords)

Cloud District

Key: G

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        verse 1 
                   G                           D 
She says 'It's not far to see me, maybe like a 2 hour drive,' 
       Em                                   C                                  G                D 
But we both knew something was over and the whole time we just cried about our limits, as human beings 
          Em                            C 
And our exposure to how things could of been 

verse 2 
              G                         D 
And he's got 'Plan Your Escape' on the inside of his arm 
       Em                               C 
And it made me feel better to know that escape is never far 
              G                               D 
It probably holds sentimental value to have a constant reminder 
        Em                             C 
But for now it's just a tattoo of some record in his car
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