Children 18:3

Come In(Chords)

Children 18:3

Key: Em

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Intro: Em E (x2) 

verse 1 

          Em                                                        E 
In my journey through the earth I found myself one winter's night 

           Em                                                       Am 
In the plains of northern somewhere, in a fog of snow and ice 

         Em                                               E 
I had just begun to wonder about a place to rest my head 

                Em                                                           Am 
When by chance, through the snowstorm, I did see a light ahead 

Em                              E 
Through the ice and snow a cabin door was opened 

Em                                        Am 
A white haired man with a fiddle and a bow said  

Em C/B Em C/B Come in, come in, come in, come in
verse 2 Em E Well I told him of my travels, and I told him of my life Em Am He just smiled at me and nodded through my tales of blood and strife Em E When I asked him for his name he said we'd spoken often before Em Am Don't worry about your troubles, son, just remember what they're for
Em C/B Em C/B Come in, come in, come in, come in
Interlude Em E Em Am Bridge Em E Are you empty, are you broken, are you lost and all alone Em Am Unaccepted, suicidal, are you looking for a home Em E Are you hurting, forgotten, have you got no place to go Em Am Homosexual, unlovable, are you just a little low Outro Em E Em Am Come in, come in Em Come in
E |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
B |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
G |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
D |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 
A |---0--3-------0------------------------------------------------------------------| 
E |---------0---------0--3---5--6------0-6-0-6-0-6-0-6-0-6-0-6-0-6-0-6--------------| 

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