Chi Lenno


Chi Lenno

Key: C

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Your love 
C5+                C   G/B 
I hope it will be mine 
Your eyes 
Am7M                 Am7    D7 
Can show me how you really feel 
    G         D/F#      Em 
So then I can know our love is true 
     F      D/F# 
But darling try 
    G               D/F#     C 
To see that I can't wait anymore 

G           F               C 
There's no need for you to be afraid 
     F       D/F#          G 
So please, please come to me 
C            Em         F   Bb7M       C7M 
Our time is now and we must not let it go 
Cm             Gm 
I'll make you know the warmth 
F     Bb 
Of my arms 
Gm               Dm     C 
They'll keep you out of any trouble 
     D     D/F#    G 
So please come to me 

I'm not trying 
C5+         C 
To hide my feelings 
 G/B      Am 
They must be shown everywhere 
    Am7M                   Am7              D7 
And only I know how I've tried to make you know them 
     G          D/F#     Em 
But when at last we are face to face 
 F          D/F# 
You pretend not 
    G            D/F#      C 
To see what I'm trying to do 
G              F            C 
You know very well that the emptiness 
F           D/F#         G 
Only a true love can replace 
C         Em            F 
So you'd better lay on me 
Bb7M               C7M 
And soon you'll forget the worries 
      D        D/F#               G 
'Cos then no storm will kill our love 

Solo: C  Em  F  G  
       C  F  G  F  
       G  C  G/B  Am  D7 
       G  D/F#  Em  F  
       D/F#  G  D/F#  C 
       G  F  C  F   
       D/F#  G  C  Em 
       F  Bb7M  C7M 

Cm     Gm 
Every minute in my life 
F           Bb 
Your movie plays in my mind 
Gm                Dm     C 
'Cause you're the one I really want 
        D           D/F#          G 
And the one I have waited for so long 

Final: C  Em  F  Bb7M  F7M

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