Cheryl Wheeler

But The Days And Nights Are Long(Chords)

Cheryl Wheeler

Key: G
Capo on 3rd fret

Intro: G    C   Dsus2 
Well, life is short 
                            C      Dsus2 
But the days and nights are long 
And time will heal all these wounds some day soon 
                        C         Em  Dsus2 
I'll be rising, I'll be strong 

            C      Cadd9  D       Em 
But now I'm losing all my battles 
        C        Cadd9    Dsus2 
Now I'm down and dropping still 
And this snow's blowing through like some ghost 
                          C    Em  Cadd9  Dsus2 
With this blue I know too well 

Broken hearts  
                         C     Dsus2 
Keep on beating just the same 
So I guess I can too, go through these moves 
                           C        Em  Dsus2 
Facing forward, walking straight 

           C            Cadd9    D         Em 
But now my glance keeps drifting downward 
       C          Cadd9      Dsus2 
Now my feet can't find their way 
And this cold's creeping in through my bones 
                         C    Em  Dsus2  G  
Whispering, it's here to stay 

Instrumental: G    C   D  G      C   D   

I'll bide my time 
                       C     Dsus2 
Like there's any other way 
It moves too slow, moves too fast, it's gone and past 
                       C      Em  Dsus2 
And stopped entirely today 

               C        Cadd9   Dsus2   Em 
I know there's light on some horizon 
            C      Cadd9 Dsus2 
But I can't see so far  ahead 
Patience and grace, blessed is love, I'm loosing my faith 
                                     C    Em 
In most of that stuff those wise men said 
             G           D        C    Em  Dsus2 
Most of that stuff those wise men said 

Life is short 
But the days and nights are long 

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