Chase Bryant

Change Your Name(Chords)

Chase Bryant

Key: C
Capo on 1st fret

C          Am              F             G 
Whoa whoa, Whoa whoa whoa, Whoa whoa whoa 

          C                    Am                       F               G                        
I wanna open my eyes, when the sun breaks through, and see you there, beside me 
          C                      Am                      F                G 
I wanna reach out at night, and pull you close, I wanna know your arms around me 

         Am                                          G 
I wanna dream your dreams, wanna make ?em all come true 
                                     Am                             G 
Dance every dance that you want to, every breath I breathe will be for you 

C Am Well I wanna change your name, I wanna call you mine F G C I wanna make you smile, at least a million times Am F G C I'll give you all my love, every night and day, if you say I can, I wanna change your name
C Am I wanna find a little church, where the wild flowers grow, F G You can hear the wedding bells for miles C Am Yeah, I wanna see the door swing open, and everybody turn, F G To see your daddy walk you down the aisle Pre-Chorus & Chorus Whoa Whoa?s Last line of Chorus Whoa Whoa?s G C Am Girl, I wanna see your daddy walk you down the aisle, F G C Wanna wake up to your pretty smile, Whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah, I wanna change your name Whoa Whoa?s ? fade out

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