Charne Groenermeyer

Because Of Your Love To What Can We Compare(Chords)

Charne Groenermeyer

Key: C

To what can we compare 
                Dm                   Am 
Our sweet saviour hanging there 
F                       C 
Took upon Himself the wrath 
                Em              G       C 
That was ours alone to bear 
Nothing we could bring 
Not a song that we could sing 
Could ever tell of what you've done 
Redeeming grace, the father sent for us His son 
F                                          Am 
You came to seek and save the lost and bring the wandering home 
     C                          G 
Because of your love, because of your love 
What we could never give you gave so we could be your own 
Because of your love, because of your love 

Forsaken on the cross 
At our worst he paid the cost 
It was our sin that kept him there 
He called us friend and made us heirs 
Glory be to Him 
To the king above all kings 
Risen ruler of our hearts 
Died that we may never ever be apart 

Dm              C/E 
Because of your love 
        F                 G 
Because of your love 
Am                      G 
Because of your love I'm free 

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